Layering Clothing

Stacking Up with Style to Admire


   As the winter season approaches, one must be as warm as hot cocoa while looking as appetizing as a 5-star cooked steak made by Gordon Ramsay. Now, it may seem difficult if someone is scared; they will look awkward in a “small person with a gigantic non fitting puffer jacket” way, but fear no more!

   First of all, when layering clothing, one can keep it simple and decide to toss on a hoodie that can be topped with a black puffer vest. If you want a lighter outfit, you can toss on top of a white button up a crewneck.

   The game changer when it comes to layering tops is a trench coat or a leather jacket. When you picture someone walking down the street, especially celebrities, they tend to wear jeans with a simple tee with a brown or beige trench coat capturing the attention.

   For streetwear attire, one can toss on their hoodie, baggy jeans, shoes, and elevate it with a brightly colored vintage racer jacket that matches. So, start stepping it up and choose more diverse yet warming clothing options.

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