Skirts Are a Staple Piece


   Skirts can be worn throughout the whole year, making them a flexible clothing piece. They can be dressed up and down and the various styles can fit every body type.

    If you emulate Emma Chamberlain´s basic summer outfit where she paired a maxi skirt with a white tank top, scrunchy socks, and a nice pair of loafers you are well dressed for any casual occasion. You could also add a blazer or button up to dress up a skirt for any nice event. 

   During colder seasons you can pair skirts with a thick pair of pantyhose to create warmth while still being stylish. Maxi skirts are also nice for the cold weather since their long length covers your legs.

   Skirts come in various patterns that fit each season. Floral patterns are best for summer and spring and warmer colored skirts with plaid fit autumn and winter styles. Skirts are a staple piece that needs to be in your closet.

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