SZA: Ctrl Appreciation + New Album

SOS Alert! SOS Alert! SZA’s Dropping!


   American contemporary R&B singer-songwriter SZA, known for her one-of-a-kind, divine voice, has kept fans patiently waiting for five years for a new album. Her last release, Ctrl (2017), became a massive success and brought SZA to the spotlight as a talented new artist. 

   Ctrl features unfiltered, vulnerable lyrics about sex, love, and insecurities and conveys the story of a young black woman who, as the name suggests, fears of not having control and still has room to grow. The album contains this indescribable melancholic neutrality and therapeutic vibe pleasing to the ears. 

   Earlier this year, SZA surprised fans by releasing a deluxe version of Ctrl to celebrate the album’s five year anniversary, including seven unreleased tracks made in 2014-2017. The songs are beautifully made with notable ones being “2AM,” “Tread Carefully,” and “Awkward.”

   SZA had been teasing a new album for years, and now it has finally been confirmed. Her new album will be called S.O.S. and on December 3rd’s Saturday Night Live, she revealed that S.O.S. is set to drop on December 9th and performed two of its tracks. 

   SZA’s angelic voice is undeniably beautiful, and so it is exciting to finally see new music from her as well as the impact she is making on contemporary R&B. 

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