Scarves? Still?

How Have Scarves Stayed Relevant for so Long?

   Need something comfortable and conventional this winter? Well, the trusty scarf will never let you down. Yet questions still remain over how fashionable the scarf is in this day and age. Has the scarf reined over winter for too long? Hardly!

 This piece of tightly knitted wool protects one of the most exposed parts of the body, the neck, from the cold winter air. Its function has skyrocketed it to be the most recognizable winter fashion item. So already the scarf proves itself alone in functionality, but how else does it own the title of top dog?

   Well, it’s easy to make! If knitting is your thing, then a scarf is one of the first pieces of clothing you can crank out, albeit with some failures along the way. This makes the scarf accessible to everyone regardless of income or availability. On top of that, the scarf is also unisex! Anyone and everyone can wear it.

   And while anyone can wear it that doesn’t stop most celebrities from wearing them too, because they’re humans like us and they get cold too. Look up your favorite celebrity and I am sure you can find a paparazzi or professional picture of them wearing a scarf. Some of the best pictures of my favorite celebrity, Taylor Swift, are of her rocking a scarf. If she’s doing it then I think that’s enough evidence for the rest of us to follow suit.

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