A Hallmark Holiday

The Most Iconic Christmas Flicks

   Everybody knows that with the holiday season also comes delicious foods, exciting parties, giving gifts, and getting in the festive spirit. With all of these fun-filled activities also come everyone’s favorite holiday movies on Hallmark. 

   When it comes time to decide what to watch to enjoy your holiday evening, movies such as Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation may come to mind. But this winter, be sure not to count out the one and only Hallmark movies from this list. 

   One Hallmark movie that hit the screens this year is Falling For Christmas featuring Lindsay Lohan. When a young woman becomes diagnosed with amnesia after a skiing accident she wakes up being cared for by a new family she comes to love. 

   A second holiday Hallmark movie is A Perfect Christmas. This movie highlights two newlyweds who have secrets to keep from their family while visiting them during the holidays. They must keep their secrets hidden while balancing their holiday activities. 

   Another great choice is The Christmas House. When faced with difficult family decisions and disagreements, a mother and father call their two sons back home for the holidays. In the process, the family recreates their old holiday traditions to bring them closer together. 

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