Colored Lights On Houses

Why Go Bland When You Can Choose Glam?

   As Christmas time approaches, it is key to have great decorations to enhance your festive looks and create a welcoming atmosphere. The main attraction that creates an impression is the lights one decides to hang around their house. 

   This can go one of two ways: to choose white lights, or to choose colored lights, the best type of lights. Sure, having simple white lights is great for going into that elegant, yet basic, icicle appearance, but light blue ones can do it so much better. 

   Unlike white lights, colored lights enable you to set up your house to look like a gingerbread house by having cute purple, green, and blue lights circling your bushes to appear as gumdrops. 

   If you want to go for a North pole-themed house, you can get inflatable decorations such as a sled and penguins and set up your trees to appear as candy canes.

    Ultimately, colored lights are superior as they help a house stand out more and give creative freedom. So when deciding, think of the saying “Go big or go home!”

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