Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special

An Out Of This World Christmas Special

This Marvel holiday special starts off with Kraglin bringing up how Yondu ruined Christmas for Peter, so Mantis wants to get him a gift to bring him some joy. Drax decides to help her find a gift for Peter, but now they have to think about what to get him, or who?

   They decide to get him the legendary actor Kevin Bacon, a hero to Peter. Once they arrive on Earth, they go find Kevin and have to chase him to be able to give him as a present. Once they present their gift to Peter, he gets mad at them and tells them to take him back to Earth.     

   Once Kevin hears what happened to Peter as a kid, he decides to stay around and give him a  Christmas he won’t forget. Towards the end of the special, Mantis reveals to Peter that she is his sister! He is astonished and tells her that’s the best present anybody could have gotten him. This  holiday special combines comedy and good ol’ holiday spirit to make it a fun and interesting Holiday special.

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