We Love Taylor Swift

The Power of our Favorite Pop Icon

   Taylor Swift, a pop artist icon of 2022. Not only has she rereleased many of her previous albums, but her album ¨Midnights¨ released on October 21 has already broken records. Within less than 24 hours, ¨Midnights” became the most streamed album in a single day. Although this comes as no surprise as her fan base continues to grow, she has clearly become a timeless artist with no red flags of stopping any time soon.  

     For almost the last two decades, Swift has exceeded all expectations by releasing 10 albums along with 2 re-recordings which include numerous unreleased songs. Her songwriting abilities have been able to touch multiple generations because of the versatility and wisdom of her lyrics. No matter what you have gone through, Swift has written a masterpiece of a song that you can relate to. She continues to consistently reinvent pop music, which leaves her fans forever grateful for all she puts out into the music industry. 

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