Sweater Weather

The Time of the Year That Brings Tears to One’s Eyes

Waking up to that cold breeze swirling all around your room certainly provides euphoric comfort. It indicates the start of dreading getting out of your covers to stay all warm and toasty. It marks the beginning of rainy days one must dress warmly for.

   It marks the start of never ending bliss, going to school at 8 A.M. holding a cup of warm seasonal coffee, maybe even hot chocolate or tea if coffee is not to your liking, all while munching on a great pastry.

   Cold weather is not just amazing because it is the start of the holiday season, but rather it can also indicate great benefits in other aspects, such as enabling one to perfect their attire with layered outfits.

   These can be cute embroidered sweaters with a turtleneck and long snazzy pants. They can even be a cute mini skirt with the classic fleece lined leggings and tights combo to keep you warm but chic! 

   On top of that, you can begin to start your never ending collection of fuzzy socks. Whether or not they are solid colored or quirky with designs, you can wear them and not worry about bugs or even sweating a river!