Hear from your favorite staff writers opinions about friendsgiving!

Jenna Gonzalez

Staff Writer

   Friendsgiving is a common tradition and event that many people enjoy to do with close friends. Just like thanksgiving, there is a whole feast to eat and be thankful for, but this time with close friends, and those friends are to each bring a different food item to complete the feast. It could be hosted with a whole group of friends at the friendsgiving table, or even just that one best friend. 

Gia Santolalla

Staff Writer

     HEY YOU! Yes, you! What’s better than having a picnic right in the middle of the quad? This picnic includes a rotisserie chicken, store bought from our favorite local Stater Bros, mac n cheese made from our El Modena culinary team, and mashed potatoes from the cafeteria! You can just place your favorite turkey shaped blanket on the ground and eat while you talk about what you’re thankful for this thanksgiving! Have a nice thanksgiving break Vanguards! See you soon!