Be Grateful Not Hateful

We are Grateful For Our Teachers, but What are Our Teachers Grateful For?


Frontline: What in your life are you grateful for?

Mrs. Lingle: I am very grateful for El Modena and the students at El Modena because a student gave me half of their life. They donated half of their liver, which saved my life. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. 

Frontline: What is something you teach about that you are grateful for?

ML: I am thankful for friction. Without friction, we wouldn’t be able to walk, drive, eat, or make ice cream.


Frontline: What in your life are you grateful for?

Mrs. Chertock: I’m grateful to be healthy and for my family. I’m grateful to be teaching. I’m grateful for these things because life is too short to enjoy and be grateful for the things that we have that are right.

Frontline: What are you grateful to teach about?

MC: I am grateful to teach argumentation because I’m in a world where we have so much confusion and people just saying things that they probably shouldn’t. I’m grateful that my students can see both sides of anything, understand where they’re coming from, and create real-world solutions.

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