Honoring Our Staff

Appreciate Staff on Your Behalf

Evelyn Rosas

Staff Writer

There are many people we are grateful for at El Modena. Our teachers provide us with knowledge that nourishes our brain. Our librarians provide books to help us escape reality and expand our vocabulary. Our counselors listen when we have something to say or help us when we have trouble with classes. These people are all amazing individuals, however. There are other staff at El Modena that deserve special recognition. 

   Our janitorial staff works hard to keep our school clean. They pick up after students who leave trash wherever they desire, they clean our restrooms that are constantly being neglected by students, and they keep your working environments neat so you can focus. 

   Our lunch ladies provide us with food, and they make sure our meals stay warm and encourage us to eat our fruits and vegetables. Once lunch is over, they handle all of the leftover food and make sure everything is in good shape. 

   We should also be thankful for the people that work in our locker rooms who sweep the floor and clean the restrooms. They make sure students receive their clothes if they forgot them, and they provide help when locker doors are jammed. They make sure to wash the dirty loaner clothes that are passed down from student to student during the week. 

   These amazing individuals are the backbone at El Modena, and not only do they provide services but they also project love. It is hard to deal with high school students, and for them to face the day with a good attitude is magical. They even create relationships with students to show them that someone does care and that they are more than willing to support us. The staff at El Modena is truly amazing and deserves the love they project to be reflected back to them.

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