Hot Take On: Smithereens

     Smithereens by Joji will cut heartbreaking fragments of your life to reflect


 Gia Santolalla

Staff Writer

   Joji is a Japanese- American singer-songwriter mostly known for his sad music. One of his most known songs from the album is “Glimpse of us” because of the distribution of clips throughout Tiktok. “Smithereens” takes you through scenes of love, peace and nostalgia in your life, making it easier to remember the details of emotions felt during the experiences. 

   The album focused more on the topic of still being quietly but passionately in love with someone, while being with someone else to forget the good times of your last lover. During all of these heartbreaking songs Joji keeps and remains focused on the topic of his love life on a relatable level with his fans, while giving you insight on his love life and emotions flowing through his head, which are perfectly defined in this album. 

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