Is Christmas Ever Too Soon?

Navigating The Timing of One’s Jolly Good Spirit

  People always seem to be head to head in figuring out when it is too early to start preparing for Christmas. There are two types of people: one is the person who plays Christmas music in November while the other disses on the ones who do. 

   As for me, I believe that it is never too early to start getting ready for Christmas. Decorating one’s house takes forever and you want to have that setup ASAP! That way your house looks lovely and set for the holidays during December!

   As for Christmas music, so what if I’m out here cooking turkey belting the lyrics to Frosty The Snowman! You can cook turkey to Drake’s song Hotline Bling for all I care, but leave me and my holly jolly songs alone! 

   Plus when preparing for Christmas in November, one can begin to shop for gifts at a much lower price. You will also have enough time to plan out what to get, instead of popping to Target last minute searching for items remotely cute to gift. 

   If anything, the people who might be able to keep the world sane are the ones who spread holiday cheer and positivity. 

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