Gratitude Through El Modena

The Reasons Why We Love ElMo


   El Modena gives us many reasons to be grateful. Not only do the students here make it a fun four years, but the events, programs, clubs, and sports are what also bring the school to life. Without the community that has been created within El Modena, it would be lifeless, giving us all the reason more to appreciate all we have here. 

   The events and activities that go on at ElMo throughout the year create consistency and unity, and are what keep students, staff, and parents involved. We are so grateful for the assemblies, dances, and fun activities ASB and faculty bring to the table to make each year worth it. These events are created with creativity and drive, leaving us forever grateful for all they do. 

   All of this has created a community at El Modena. Vanguards have spirit, and pride that can be seen through classrooms, on the field, in public, and around our beautiful campus. I and many other students are thankful to be able to be a part of something so special, a Vanguard community that has been created through all that goes on here at El Modena. 

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