10-0 Football Legacy

A Football Season For the Ages!

Amazing. Amazing is the word to define our football team’s record this year. They ended their league with a 10-0 record and managed to make it to CIF. They played some great football, dominated their games, and played with heart. 

   The scores for this tremendous season were: El Modena 38-0 Santa Ana, El Modena 43-3 Sunny Hills, El Modena 36-0 Segerstrom, El Modena 43-6 La Habrá, El Modena 29-6 San Juan Hills, El Modena 28- 13 Villa Park, El Modena 49-21 Foothill, El Modena 50-21 El Dorado, El Modena 42-27 Canyon, El Modena 48-13 Esperanza. 

   One of the highlights of this year’s football season is the El Modena vs Villas Park game. They played their hearts out and ended with a win. It is also the first time Elmo has beat VP in over 15 years!

   I interviewed Coach Joe Mitchell, one of our football coaches and alumni and asked him how he felt about the football team going 10-0. He stated, “It’s pretty special to do something that has never been done before in school history. All the coaches and the kids dedicated a lot of time and energy into it and the kids deserve it.”

   I also interviewed Lauren Spitzer, who is the head of the Rowdy Rooter Crew and asked her how she feels being part of history and seeing the team go 10-0. “ It feels great being part of history knowing that those boys work so hard and it makes the job of making the posters and going out and supporting week in and week out much easier. The boys being dedicated to the sport makes it much easier to make something for them. All we’ve known this year is how to win and it feels great knowing that those boys care about their sport that as we, Rowdy Rooters, it makes it much easier for us to cheer them on, knowing that they care just as much.” she said. 

   Owen Smith, one of the football team’s captains,  also shared his thoughts about how it feels beating the other teams this year and doing something historic, even though they had an early exit in the CIF championship. He said,” I feel good but not satisfied. I was on a team that made school history is a great thing to hear. I am proud of what we accomplished, but I know that nobody was satisfied because we all were working towards the ring. I am proud of all our guys but wish we could’ve finished with a happy ending.”

   We are all thankful for the hard work and dedication the football team and the coaches have done to make this a historic year. They deserved the wins they got this season through all their effort and focus they had throughout the season. This football season will be remembered for years to come. LETS GO ELMO!!!

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