Dressing for an Unforgettable Fall

Move Aside Sweaters There are Two New Sheriffs in Town

   We all have heard of sweater weather, every autumn everyone pulls out their cozy sweaters and throws them on as they step outside and feel that crisp fall air. But that’s overrated. Have you heard of Sweatshirt September or Flannel Fall? Well, now you have.

   I think sweaters are great; they’re comfortable, fashionable, and predictable. This article is not a hit piece against sweaters, but rather a push to try new things, step out of your comfort zone, and awaken to an expanded world of fall fashion.

   Sweatshirts are the more stylish cousin of the sweater and if you’re going out you should definitely wear one of these. If the weather isn’t too chilly, and a sweatshirt may be too much there is an alternative, the flannel. Warm, timeless, and fashionable, nothing beats the flannel. So what are you waiting for? Expand your wardrobe this fall!

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