Teammate Impact

Gotta Put the Homie on the Spotlight


   When you think of a perfect teammate, you would think of someone who acts as the example, someone that you can always rely on, and someone that radiates positive energy. El Modena senior Drew Rodriguez represents all of these qualities. 

   Being a three year varsity basketball player and our team captain, Drew is someone that you aspire to be like. His passion for the game is infectious and it pushes me to become a better player. 

   I always see him giving high-fives to teammates and helping others with plays they might not understand. The little things he does may go unnoticed, but they make a huge impact on the team’s morale and energy. 

  I’m extremely thankful for having Drew on the basketball team. His composed, yet competitive nature is unmatched and he always places others above himself. Not to mention that he was also a Grand Champion Rocket League player, so what can’t this guy do? 

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