2022 World Series

The Houston Astros are the World Series Champions!

The 2022 World Series champions are the Houston Astros, beating the Philadelphia Phillies in a series of 7 games, winning it 4-2. The Astros hold their second World Series title, the first being back in 2017 beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3.

   Years later in 2019, MLB’s investigation team found that the Astros had cheated to win the game. They used “sign-stealing” against the Dodgers, using a camera to steal the signs from the pitcher and catcher. They were forced to forfeit first and second-draft picks for 2020 and 2021.

   Now they come back for the 2022 season and fought fair to earn their win. In the sixth inning, Yordan Alvarez hit a three-run homerun! Do you think they overcame their title as “cheaters” after their win?