Midnight Madness

Winter Sports Need Love Too!


With the fall sports season coming to an end, winter sports are beginning. At Midnight Madness, the community was able to get a sneak peek as to what the 2022 Winter Sports Season has to offer. The night was jam packed with fun games and lively introductions while being energetically announced by Mr. Finn. The audience got to be acquainted with the girls and boys basketball teams, girls and boys wrestling teams, girls water polo team, and boys and girls soccer teams. The Rowdy Rooters taught the crowd some cheers to keep the energy up and to get them ready for what’s to come. Some games were played amongst students which allowed the attendees to witness some skills from our athletes that will be put to great use in the near future.

This El Modena event made everyone who attended excited while looking forward to the upcoming seasons. All of our winter sports and athletes involved deserve all the love and recognition sent to them to keep them going this upcoming season!

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