Try These Thanksgiving Alternatives!

Out With the Old, In With the New

   As we approach the end of November, many Americans have one thing in mind: Thanksgiving. A time when friendships are strengthened, family bonds are tested, and, of course, food is eaten at worrying levels. 


   Some common thanksgiving consumptives include mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and the all-important turkey. Despite the appeal and quintessentially of these meals, there alternatives that deserve a place on the table


   Tacos: Many elements of tacos are shared with traditional Native American cuisine. Beans, corn, and sometimes meat were all integral parts of the native diet. Also, tacos are very convenient to prepare for the big day – components can be cooked in advance and assembled on thanksgiving day. To further cultivate a sense of interconnectedness, each person attending can bring a topping or ingredient and add to the shared experience.


   Braised Short Ribs: This is a remarkably flavorful dish that involves very little effort, especially when compared to a turkey. It pairs perfectly with mashed potatoes and the braising juices can be boiled down and used as a “gravy.” Although this may seem expensive, short ribs are rich and don’t require much to fill attendees up.


   Potato Gnocchi: This dish utilizes a staple part of thanksgiving, the potato, to create a versatile and tasty pasta-like dish. Although the preparation is intensive, making the gnocchi with friends or family is a great exercise in teamwork and communication. Gnocchi provides a blank slate for any sauce of flavor and you can choose to serve it with any sauce you want: pesto, meat sauce, or marinara.

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