Tribute to Takeoff

Rest In Peace to a Talented Rapper and Producer

  On November 1, 2022 Grammy nominated rapper Takeoff was fatally shot outside a Houston Bowling alley. Takeoff was an integral member of Migos, a rap group with almost 20 million monthly listeners on spotify and numerous hit songs.


   Takeoff started the Migos in 2011 with fellow family members Offset and Quavo, and his unique deep-voice and style enabled the group to quickly rise in popularity throughout the 2010s. Although he succeeded in the group, he continued to work on projects alone, and he dropped a solo album titled “The Last Rocket” in 2018.


   Despite his withdrawn personality and intimidating lyrics, Takeoff’s respectful and collected nature garnered admiration from fans and friends. A close associate claimed that, “When you’re around Takeoff, there’s a sense of peacefulness about his aura.” Rest easy, Takeoff.


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