Vanguard Legacy

Be a Part of the Vanguard Legacy

Leaving a Legacy is important for a school, and defines its school spirit, that’s why El Modena High is honorered to have so many alumni come back to immerse themselves in nostalgia. It is important that everyone has a great high school experience that makes them want to come back and visit. 

   Having alumni come back to support their former high school is important because it reflects on how well the school did in including all of its students within the campus culture. 

   A legacy is something that is passed on from one generation to another. At El Modena our biggest legacy will be our vanguard pride. We see the vanguard pride during our vanguard events, such as spirit week. The football games are not only special because we see our amazing football team play, but we are all connected as a school sharing our pride. Perticulary during the football games, when we assemble around the victory bell to celebrate our triumph, we get to witness our Alumni cheer on their alma mater. 


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