International Week

Una Semana Pour Célébrer Cac Quoc Gia

International week is a week to celebrate all the different nations that represents the students at El Modena, which was held between October 31st to November 4th. On that Monday, VSA played some games in the Quad and on Tuesday M.E.C.H.A hosted a movie night and showed “The Book of Life.”

   On Wednesday, the Spanish classes did Dia de los Muertos activities like dressing up, face painting and visiting ofrendas in the science building. At the end of the week, clubs and language classes performed at the assembly. 

   VDC kicked-off the assembly, which was then followed by the BSU. French then took over the stage and had over 150 students dance to a song in French. M.E.C.H.A  jumped on stage and danced to Chuntaro Style, La Quebradora, La Cumbia and Después De La Playa, was then followed by Itzel Soto dancing baile folklorico.

   Ballet folklorico was then performed by Ana Martinez, with VSA reciting a skit after her performance. The Spanish class was next to go upstage and they danced to La Vida Es Un Carnaval.

   Marysol Ornelas performed baile flamenco and after a great performance, FASE  performed their dance. For the closing act, Coach Tafua’s Tahiti Drum Group performed and allowed people to go up stage and dance along. After the assembly it was time for lunch. Clubs were selling a variety of foods like tamales to fried chicken as well as boba.

    “I was a little nervous but once I got on the stage and I started dancing, it was a lot of fun. It was a really interesting experience since I had never done it before,” said Jacqueline Morales who danced with the spanish classes. 

    Mr. Haug, who performed with the Tahiti Drum Group, also said, “ It felt really great to be playing with them because drums are something that is in my soul. Partly because it is from my past. There is something really primal about it and it felt great to be upstage again, especially playing for my school.”, he said. It was a fantastic week to be able to celebrate all the different nations and cultures from around the world.

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