Why I’m Thankful for Steve Lacy

From Garageband to Celebrity


   I had foreseen Steve Lacy’s inevitable rise to success when I first listened to his demo, which included contemporary classics such as “Dark Red” and “Ryd.” I discovered his music during the start of quarantine and at that time I had been going through a lot of loneliness, so listening to him allowed me to better express my emotions. 

   A vivid moment I can remember is when I first heard his song “Amandla’s Interlude” off his debut studio album Apollo XXI. The track is a simple instrumental between Lacy and another woman, but you can just feel the raw passion and love they have for each other and their music. 

   Lacy’s natural charisma, beautiful voice, and relatable lyrics mesh perfectly together to form a lovable artist. I’m extremely thankful for his contributions in the R&B scene and it was inspiring to see him transform from a teenager making tracks on his iPhone to a star performing in front of thousands of fans. 

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