Recent Fashion Trends

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  The clothing industry is known for its regular adoption of new trends and style, a process that has been dubbed “fast fashion”. Innovative designs often spread from models, celebrities, or influencers to the general public, and one’s adoption of these trends can often determine the fashionability and economic status of an individual.


   Crochet/Knitwear: Knitwear describes clothes that are knitted or crocheted instead of produced with finer threads. This type of clothing is perfect for Fall because garments are warm and irradiate feelings of comfort. Furthermore, Knitwear enables wearers to express themselves through patterned designs and sewn-on additions like flowers or initials. With knitwear, you can balance style and coziness while showing others something about yourself.


   Turtlenecks: Although many dislike the appearance of turtlenecks, they have started to become fashionable again in recent years. The biggest advantage of the turtleneck is its versatility. They can be worn with jackets, vests, or coats, and can be dressed up or down. Now that the weather starts to cool down, extra coverage is essential in order to keep warm, and that is exactly what turtlenecks do. Finally, turtlenecks can enable one to convey strength, power, and even intelligence.


   Overalls: Overalls are trending this year, and for a good reason. Celebrities like Blake Lively, Polo G, and Jennifer Garner have recently adopted the overalls, and wearers are not limited to denim overalls – brands have created cotton alternatives that provide a new look to a classic garment. Like turtlenecks, Overalls can be accessorized with other articles of clothing like hoodies or blazers.

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