Cultural Appropriated Costumes

Appreciate not Appropriate.

Cultural appropriation has been evident in everyday society and media. Cultural appropriation can be defined as customs and lifestyles from members of a minority culture being adopted by members of a dominant culture. From mocking, fishing, and fetishizing, all cultures have unfortunately experienced a taste of cultural appropriation. During Halloween, the amount of costumes that are culturally appropriated is unfortunately significant. Although it may seem logical to show respect, many people continue to support cultural appropriation saying the common phrase, “You’re being sensitive.” Really, they’re the ones being insensitive, and that is never an excuse to offend and deride cultures. Some examples of cultural appropriation seen during Halloween are dressing up as harmful ethnic/racial stereotypes, ethnicities not of your own, blackface/brownface, and costumes resembling religion or religious symbols not of your own. Not to mention the sexualization of any of the previously listed. Please appreciate, it’s not appropriate.