Coffee Night

What’s better than watching your friends in the spotlight, while stuffing pumpkin bread loafs in your mouth

   Coffee night was a success. The lights fluttering on the speaker, the welcoming ambience of the room, the smell of delicious baked goods expanded throughout the room. And your fellow El Modena peers taking the spotlight to perform their most hardworking, and well deserved performances. 

   Ben Stone, magnificently played bass and his vocals have that husky reggae sound, which perfectly matches with the beat of the songs. While in the middle of, “Holy Wars”, his cord snapped but Stone continued to play for the audience. 

   Maximus Musicus had an incredible soft and luring voice, which was perfectly mixed with the bass. His choice of song was “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar. This song really affected the audience, because of his choice of singing a well-known song. He couldn’t leave the room when coffee night was over, the people were clamoring to see him! 

   Jaden Flores sang “Fool” by Cavetown, and it was a great song to pick! Flores brightens the room with her soft and pleasant voice, while gently plucking the strings of her little ukulele. This event was truly memorable to El Modena and the performers.

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