Were Never Too Old For Halloween!

 What’s the Age Limit to Celebrate Halloween?

   Halloween should be included for everyone of all ages. Maybe not knocking on doors and receiving candy, but making gift bags or baked goods for your neighbors; which can be a great way to get to know them. 

   Halloween for teengers can be a little more complicated. Teens can be part of community events, like Treats on the Streets, or host a halloween party. Teenagers should be able to trick-or-treat around their neighborhoods to remember childhood memories. You may get a lot of stares and dirty looks, but if you’re responsible for your actions and your words, and if you have consideration that there are children, you’ll have a great experience trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. 

   I recommend trick-or-treating around the neighborhood you grew up with and possibly going with your childhood best friends. This would be a wonderful way to say a proper goodbye to your friends and neighbors if you are a senior and planning to leave the city for college or other purposes. 

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