Is it Drip to Rip?

Evaluating the Validity of Destroyed Denim


Whether you like it or not, it’s bound to happen; with enough use, your favorite pair of jeans will begin to wear through at the knees, leaving you with an ever-increasing rupture in your most cherished denim. To some, however, the rips in a pair of jeans can add a lot to their value. 

   While the true origin of their popularity is hard to trace, ripped jeans as we know them are likely a product of late twentieth century counterculture; the excessive gashes in jeans can be loosely interpreted as a symbol of their wearer’s carelessness or disobedience.

  The love for vintage and recycled clothing extends far beyond jeans, however. Designer brands like Balenciaga and Kapital are known for their roles in perpetuating the trend of distressed fashion. Additionally, the popularity and affordability of thrifting has reinforced the idea that clothing does not need to be brand new to be fashionable.

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