Drip or Draft?

How Do You Even Style Olive Drab?

  Military wear has been a continually prominent style of clothing. Military clothing grew in popularity not only for its utility and simplicity but also for its ability to become a statement piece. Many fashion designers have discovered intricate patterns in camouflage, such as M81 Woodland and Tigerstripe, which have endured in brands such as BAPE and Supreme. Although camouflage patterns are commonplace now, the classic olive drab has remained popular, with the Austrians still using it until the late 2010s.

   Military wear can appeal to many people with different fashion tastes, such as those looking for a more subdued look as well as those who want to make a statement. For people who want a look that is more understated, military clothing often provides clothes that follow a more neutral color palette. A notable example is the U.S. M51 field jacket, which is in the classic olive drab colorway. This makes it perfect for combining with clothing that is black, beige, or white.

   For those looking to make a statement when entering a room, the Swiss M70 parka is the right jacket for you. With its red-dominant pattern combined with green and beige, it can serve as an affordable conversation piece to help you stand out from the crowd. For those looking for something less gaudy, Flecktarn is a good choice, as it has more neutral colors while still being able to turn heads.

   Combat boots can be styled in many ways, but it is uncommon to see combat boots in more subdued styling. For this fall season, one can try wearing black combat boots with black jeans, a black hoodie, and an olive drab field shirt.

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