Pump(k)in’ Desserts

Which Pumpkin Desserts are Good?

Pump(k)in’ Desserts

   Pumpkin Bread: 9/10

Pumpkin bread has high potential for savory goodness. When it comes out of the oven, this bread instills a sense of warmth and comfort, however, it gets knocked down for the potential of the bread being dry. Many times, I’ve had dry pumpkin bread, but the flavor overcomes this problem.

   Pumpkin Spice Latte: 4/10

This drink is widely offered at different cafes, but it doesn’t live up to the hype. In this cold weather, it doesn’t help much for an even colder drink. The flavors are too potent, and the sweetness of this drink adds excess distaste.

   Pumpkin Pies: 7/10

At best, pumpkin pies can taste sub-par compared to other desserts. There is a maximum amount of pleasure one can get from eating pumpkin pie, but this satisfaction is still valid. The strangely smooth texture of the filling is juxtaposed with the crunchy and sometimes undercooked crust. Many things can go wrong with this dessert, thus it deserves a 7/10.

   Pumpkin Cheesecake : 8/10

Cheesecakes are already not my cup of tea, but this flavor of cheesecake compensates for this disparity. The smooth combination of the pumpkin and cheese perfectly compliment the chilled crust. Although the components are similar to the pumpkin pie: a filling and crust, this dessert genuinely tastes good when it is served.

   Pumpkin Scone: 8/10

I think the pumpkin scones are good; they are sweet yet not overpowering. They are good for a snack or with coffee. The soft scone is paired with a hard frosting. This tastes savory and is paired with a cream cheese frosting.

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