The Strange and Scary Sematary

Highlighting the Haunted Mound in its Most Haunted Month


To fans of black metal, trap, and alternative genres of music: Sematary may be the bizarre artistic fusion that you didn’t know you needed. Sematary, who also goes by Graveman, DJ Sorrow, and a handful of other pseudonyms, is an artist that has attracted an obsessive cult following through his abrasive and experimental music.
Beyond just his sinister, monotone rapping, Sematary has completely immersed himself in his uniquely creative environment. Alongside other members in Haunted Mound, an artistic collective he co-founded himself, Sematary lives reclusively in a woodland he dubs the “Spooky Forest.” Here, Sematary and his like-minded collaborators live with a tenacious festivity akin to that of a typical country-style Halloween; pumpkin carving, chain-smoking, and hunting are their activities of choice around the clock.

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