Get Your Costume On!

Four Unique Halloween Costumes for Girls

   With the popularity of the new Elvis movie, Priscilla Presley is a great trendy halloween costume for fans! This look is timeless, yet new, and will have everyone intrigued with your look. To achieve this costume, tease up your hair, apply some dark eye makeup, and put on an all purple outfit with some white boots. To amp up this costume, find your duo to play the part of Elvis Presley!

    For a more classy and royal look, Mia from ¨The Princess Diaries¨ is a great option! To get this look, a simple white dress, some costume jewelry, the staple black sunglasses, some black headphones, a pair of heels, and the iconic tiara will make this costume succeed. Add some silk gloves and you will look like a perfect princess. 

    If you’re looking for a more simple and affordable costume, you can be The Rock! This look can be created with clothing items you may already own. To become The Rock, wear a black long turtleneck tucked, some medium wash mom jeans, and a black belt. To make this costume replicate even more, add a small chain around your neck and a black fanny pack. 

   For a scary costume that will for sure have people looking at you, Carrie White from the movie “Carrie” is a great option. To get this horror movie look, take a white long dress, some fake blood, and drip some of the blood all over the dress. Take a prom queen tiara and drip the fake blood over it, along with yourself. This costume is gory, but will for sure have you in the spotlight.

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