Go Oversized

Do Yourself A Favor And Buy An Oversized Shirt


   We all know the kids at school who wear tight shirts to look “jacked” or to impress chicks or maybe both. Yeah, they may look cool, but if you’re not a gym rat, I have the next best article of clothing for you. Buy an oversized t-shirt and combo it with a pair of sweatpants and get the same amount of chicks with fewer trips to the gym. The best part is that you can pair them with any kind of pants or shorts; sweats just may look the best. 


Not only are oversized tees comfier, but they’re also becoming increasingly more popular among the gentleman of society and our school. These shirts are the perfect fit for all the huskier men out there because they don’t cling to your body and will give you your confidence back. So next time you’re wanting a comfy feeling or fit, throw on your oversized tee, grab a pair of sweats, and thank me later.

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