Girls’ Flag Football

Dominating The Field With A New Sport


In the 2023-2024 school year, girls’ flag football will be an official highschool sport. Some high schools in California allow girls to play football, but flag football is a better and safer alternative. Flag football will have a modified version of the NIRSA rules. Seven states have a girls flag football team; Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, and New York.
Nike and the NFL gave five million dollars to help assist girls flag football in 2021. The NFL believes that a girls’ flag football team could help encourage female fans. Girls’ Flag Football has gained some interest. Over the years, the number of girls playing has increased. Girls Flag Football is gaining popularity in some colleges.
Adding a girls’ flag football team as a CIF sport is a great step forward. This gives more girls the opportunity to play on the field. So far girls flag football has had positive reactions. More than 70 schools have filled out interest forms. In 2021, the Philadelphia Eagles established the Eagles Girls Flag Football League with 16 teams.

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