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Movie Nights at El Modena

As this school year has begun, we have been seeing something occur on campus that has been absent for a while: movie nights! What used to be a norm for El Modena High School has finally come back.
Our first movie night was hosted by the senior class and took place in the cafeteria. Students watched High School Musical while they cuddled with their blankets on the ground. This wholesome senior-only event was a great way to bond as the school year continues.
Since then El Modena has had two other movie nights hosted by the sophomore and senior classes. Both grades took the opportunity to watch spooky movies as Halloween began to approach.
Some fun details from both events were that the sophomores opened theirs to all grade levels while the seniors added fun events to theirs including a costume contest.
If you haven’t already, you should definitely attend a movie night this year! They are a great way to make connections on campus and an easy way to support your class.

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