El Modena Newest Conductor

An Interview With Mr. Nuno

Frontline: If you have learned any type of instruments, what type of instruments have you learned?
Mr. Nuno: “A part of my training in my undergraduate degree required me to learn all the major instrument families. The one instruments that I didn’t touch are those that are culture specific, like bagpipes or mariachi music like el guitaron or vihuela. Culture specific instruments I don’t have much experience on but most of the western European, like trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and clarinet I have experience on.”
Frontline: What does a band director do?
Mr. Nuno: “A band director for the most part inspires kids, gives them an opportunity to express themselves through other means as opposed to just their voice or their movement, gives them to learn an art form that they may not be familiar with, and urges students the opportunity to create a home for themselves. Most students that you find on this campus will say that band is their second home and is giving students an opportunity for them to create a space in which they thrive and they appreciate. I just don’t teach instruments, I teach the people through instruments.”

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