Ski Masks

⬦Why these Ski Masks are so stylish

Within the past couple of years, ski masks and their popularity has grown exponentially because of how stylish and convenient they can be. Ski masks have many uses for skiers, cyclists, snowboarders, and runners wear them in cold weather for warmth.
The cloth headgear is usually designed to cover the mouth and the nose, however, many people fold the masks into only having the front of the face unprotected. Pooh Shiesty, a famous rapper from Memphis Tennessee, made the ski masks stylish again.
People from his hometown even started calling the masks “shiestys,” Ski masks began to grow in popularity around 2015, but each year, less people wore and purchased ski masks. Fortunately, as an influencer, Shiesty incited the ski mask trend and got thousands of people to wear them again.
In Memphis, one store considered the shiestys as “contraband” and would make everyone remove their shiestys before entering the store. Ski masks or shiestys are gaining traction and since becoming an unusual fashion statement, will become a major trend this winter with their abundant supply.

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