The AP Experience

What do AP Students Think About Their Classes?

Frontline asked two students taking AP classes, Conner Smith, who is taking AP Computer Science Principles, and Gia Santolalla, who is taking four AP classes, for their thoughts on their AP experience.
Frontline: What do you think of AP Computer Science Principles?
Conner Smith: The class is fantastic, and the workload is very flexible, with due dates at the end of each week. The teacher, Mr. Warrior, is fantastic, lenient, helps students a lot, and talks to students one-on-one if they need help.
FL: What advice would you give to students who are planning on taking this class?
CS: If you’re new to computer science, take exploratory computer science first. Feel free to ask Mr. Warrior anything, he’ll be happy to help.
Frontline: What do you think of AP classes in general?
Gia Santolalla: I don’t really have much time to breathe, and my mother is worried about me.
FL: Is there anything you would like to tell future AP students?
GS: For those who are planning on taking an AP class, you need to have lots of determination, patience, and good time management skills. Don’t take AP classes if your parents make you, only do it if you’re passionate about the class.

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