Trick or treating

Who’s Ready for the Spooky Season?

Frontline: What are you doing for Halloween?
Shaylyn Morgan: “For Halloween, I’m going to a neighborhood party and attending a trunk or treat for my church on the Saturday before Halloween. On the night of Halloween, I’m going to trick or treat my siblings earlier in the night and go searching for king-sized candy bars with my friends later at night.”

FL: What are you doing for Halloween?
Jessica Mason: “For Halloween, I like to go to my friend’s house to celebrate. I also plan on going to a couple of parties. I have a few traditions, including always spending time with my friends on Halloween and carving pumpkins with my family.”

FL: What are you doing for Halloween?
Logan Carrera: “I am going to a Halloween party. I also am going to carve pumpkins with my 2 little brothers and take them trick or treating and after we will give out candy. I have a couple of traditions, including carving pumpkins with my family and setting them outside.”

FL: What are you doing for Halloween?
Mackenzie Brehm: “I am dressing up as Pete Davidson and Timothée Chalamet with my sister Madison Brehm. I am going to be taking my cousins and my old elementary school teachers’ kids trick or treating. I will also be handing out candy and some toothbrushes.”

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