Mary Janes vs. Loafers

The Slay Agenda

The iconic shoe brand Doc Martens has broken into the fashion community with its plethora of styles, and a debate has surfaced within this leather-loving community. Mary Janes and Loafers are both very popular styles within the Doc community… But which one is more popular?
As an avid wearer of both Mary Janes and Loafers, Clara Bour had some solid insights regarding the debate. Personally, she believes that fuzzy socks are a perfect compliment to both, and her usual go to if you are planning to rock these shoes.
Clara also dictated that Mary Janes are more so a shoe for dresses, while Loafers look better with straight slacks. Considering these factors Clara is more inclined to wear Mary Janes.
Another correspondent, and Girls Style editor, Ella Parker agreed with Clara’s statements about when to wear Loafers and when to wear Mary Janes, but she is a bigger fan of Loafers because they compliment her personally simple style.
Now for my verdict as an aficionado of shoe wear. . . I enjoy the look of Mary Janes in general and believe they are a more versatile shoe for everyday wear. I do think fuzzy socks with Mary Janes is a good look but the rest of the outfit has to compliment this choice, as it can easily become tacky.

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