When Should It Be Acceptable To Wear Revealing Costumes?

Wearing Mature Outfits Make Us Feel Fearless

Of course you’re not going to wear a revealing lingerie bunny costume to your eight year old brothers’ halloween party, or your family’s Halloween reunion. It’s inappropriate, and disgraceful towards your grandma, your grandpa, and especially to the one who gave birth to you. I would’ve been on your mother’s side if you showed up like that.
Being at a Halloween party with your friends while they’re wearing some sort of revealing costume and you’re not, can make you feel excluded, and left out from the rest of the party. That’s okay, we should want to wear what we feel comfortable with. We should feel included with others even when we look different from the rest, because being with your friends makes you forget about everything.
But if we were to decide to wear something more mature, it can make us more fearless. Wearing revealing costumes can boost confidence. It’s a great way to discover a different perspective of us. This raises our self-esteem, and makes us forget about our insecurities, when we finally go to the party and see that everybody else has imperfections.“In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total sl*t and no other girls can say anything else about it.” – Cady Heron (Mean Girls)

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