Don’t Trick Yourself, Treat Yourself

The Sweetest Treasure you Could Hunt For

My neighborhood:
I live at 629 North Buttonbush Trail 92869, the gate code is #7537. Most of the neighborhood is old rich people with a minority of families with young kids, these factors combine to form a trick or treating haven.
The only downside is the early bedtime children and the elderly share, meaning you’d have to hit the hood at nearly 6 pm.

Pine street in old towne orange:
Renowned for its incredible Christmas decorations, Pine Street brings a similar mentality to Halloween, throwing up large inflatables, an impressive amount of cobwebs, and terrifying light shows.
To match their decorative spirit, the amount of candy they pass out mirrors their love of Halloween and you’re sure to score at this destination.

Your Own Neighborhood:
Going to the large rich neighborhoods for more candy is always fun, but nothing can beat the bond you form between your neighbors each Halloween. Communities are built by the people in them, so go out and make your mark on the neighborhood!

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