The Magic of Jordan Peele

A Look into the Works of Jordan Peele

Get Out
After several months of dating, Rose is ready to introduce her boyfriend, Chris, to her family. They make plans to head upstate to visit them even though Chris is apprehensive because they are not aware he is black. Get Out is a horror that exposes casual racism in an unsettling and hysterical way that can affect any kind of audience.
The Wilsons decide to vacation at the mother, Adelaide’s, family beachfront house. As they approach their destination, Adelaide gets more on edge as she is haunted by a traumatic experience that occurred in her youth, fearful something bad will happen again. Soon her fears become a reality when four masked individuals appear in her family’s driveway.
A pair of siblings, OJ and Emerald, inherit a horse ranch when their father passes away. As they work to keep their business afloat, they experience strange occurrences including a cloud that never disappears. OJ and Emerald try to capture footage of what they believe to be an alien but this out-worldly phenomenon quickly becomes deadly.
Jordan Peele’s Biography
Jordan Peele is an actor, director, and writer known for his comedy skills and works in the horror genre. From a young age, Peele has always been interested in film whether performing or creating. After dropping out of college, he became a performer on the sketch comedy show MADtv where he met his soon-to-be co-creator of the hit show Key & Peele.
Peele’s transition from comedy to horror was seamless because he could use the same techniques to draw the audience in. His directorial debut Get Out blew the box office and won several awards. He continues to revolutionize the making of horror films through his knowledge of comedy and horror.