He’s Alright If You’re Ok

⬦Aidan Bissett With His Brand New Debut EP!

Aidan Bissett is a small music artist that deserves so much more attention. He is 20 years old, born on February 15, 2002 in Portland Oregon. Music has always been his number one passion, other than football.
He got his first electric guitar when he was seven and performed in his first band “Offshore” when he was fifteen. He is known for his singles, “Communication” and “Dumped” both released in 2021.
He quickly began to gain popularity after initially going viral on TikTok in early 2021. Before he even finished high school, Bissett was signed by Capitol Records who have signed the Beastie Boys, ABBA, Katy Perry, and many other famous musicians.
Bissett’s brand new 2022 single, “I’m Alright If You’re Ok,” released on October 7, includes five amazing songs fueled by bouncy, indie-pop grooves. Bissett said, “The EP’s title refers to finally realizing that I was letting my mental wellbeing depend way too much on the other person, and not focusing enough on taking care of myself.”
Through his many encouraging supporters, Aidan Bissett came to realize that it is not about just releasing music, but the connection between him and his fans. To this date, he has accumulated over 52 million streams and exceeded more than one million monthly listeners on spotify. This is only the beginning for this prodigious musician.

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