Don’t Forget to Vote!

Decide Your Own Future

With Midterm Elections right around the corner, ensuring that you are registered is imperative to your participation at the polls on November 8th. Luckily, from October 17th-28th in the quad and in front of the office at lunch, we are holding a Voter Registration Drive! At our Voter Registration tables, 16 and 17-year-olds can pre register and 18-year-olds can register to vote via Voter Registration Card or online.
But why are pre registration or registration so important? For one thing, if you aren’t pre registered, I guarantee you will forget to register before the next election. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, every 16 to 18-year-old is way too busy to be worried about their participation in democracy, and deadlines are notoriously hard for us. Preregistration is an easy step to guarantee that the moment you turn 18 and are eligible to vote, there are no obstacles preventing you from doing so.
Additionally, Midterm Elections are arguably more impactful than Presidential Elections. Of course, it’s important to vote in both, but given that midterms hold all of the congressional, statewide, and local positions and initiatives, these elections produce the most directly impactful legislation to you as a voter. A common misconception is that “you’re just ONE vote and your vote doesn’t make a difference.” This mentality explains the wide gap in voter turnout between young voters and middle-aged voters. If every young voter turned out to the polls however, it could be enough to sway an election. By not voting, you essentially forfeit your vote to a bunch of old people, and I know that I personally do not trust nor agree with many of the old people in my life. Unfortunately, the reality is that if middle-aged people are the ones voting then their voices outshine ours and they can decide who represents us.
So how can you get involved? Registering and Preregistering is the easiest way. You can check your registration at or visit our tables in the quad to get the registration link or a physical Voter Registration Card. The second easiest way is to vote if you’re eligible. Even if you aren’t, going through the ballot with your parents or an adult to become familiar with the layout and process is a great way to prepare yourself and make that first vote much less daunting. Regardless, make some plans for this November, and I hope to see you at one of our tables at lunch!

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