Overrated Artist

All Their Junk Creates a Big Yuck!

Bad Bunny: Bad Bunny is a very popular artist, but his music isn’t always enjoyable. All of his music sounds the same and he sings both English and Spanish which don’t mix well sometimes. The tickets for his concert are also not very economically accessible for some people.

   Kanye West: Kanye started off his career with some great songs, but over time his music got progressively worse. It just isn’t his music that also makes him overrated, but his interruptive, arrogant and obnoxious behavior.

   Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift has been ranked eighth in the Greatest of All Time artist charts since 2021, but I believe that she shouldn’t be up there. She is a great songwriter, but her singing and the quality of her music has been overhyped over the years.

   BTS: BTS is releasing music lately that does not feel as meaningful as their previous songs. Their music also does not sound very appealing to me and is not worth all the hype it receives nowadays. 

   Olivia Rodrigo: Olivia Rodrigo is dubbed “The next Taylor Swift’ and that is exactly what makes her overrated. Every song that she sings is similar to Taylor Swift and too many of her song lyrics have alluded to her break-up with Joshua Bassett.

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