Funky Amateur Sports

Consider Trying These Unique Pastimes!


Segway Polo
Segway Polo is a unique sport that emerged in the Bay area during the last few decades. Like Equestrian Polo, players work in teams to place a ball in another team’s goal. In Segway polo, however, participants navigate the field on PT Segways instead of horses.
Although it is not yet a major sport, Segway Polo is practiced throughout the United States and Europe. Avid Segway Polo players participate in the Woz Cup, a championship welcome to players across the globe
Extreme Ironing
Extreme Ironing emerged after English Rock Climber Phil Shaw decided to iron his dress shirts during a climb. Shaw recognized the potential of the sport and toured Europe, North America, and Asia in order to spread the activity across the globe.
In this extreme sport, participants steam various articles of clothing in remote and bizarre locations. Past competitors have ironed underwater, on top of mountains, and even while skydiving!

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