Crewnecks VS Hoodies

Which Drippy Style goes Great with this Smile?

This debate over crewnecks and hoodies has gotten voices raised and madness breaks loose from people who try to prove their point. But I am here to say that the only valid side of the argument would have to be that hoodies are the way to go.

   Hoodies, despite being a newly developed fashion piece, have come to prove themselves as an overall worthy piece of clothing. Hoodies are a staple piece that one must have in their closet for many logical reasons!

   You can wear them during any weather and for any occasion. Feeling cold in the rain? Unlike crewnecks, hoodies can provide warmth, comfort, and a way to cover your hair, which crewnecks do not effectively do.

   Some would argue hoodies can’t be as stylish as crew necks with the iconic collar look, but they most definitely can! They are sold in multiple colors with or without designs and some even have cute ribbons as strings! They also provide great spacing!

   Unlike crewnecks, hoodies actually have a pocket in the front to store one’s necessities. This pocket comes in handy to someone if they don’t feel like carrying a bag.

   So whether it is for storage, getting comfort, or to be stylish, hoodies should be the way to go!

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